We love ice cream, do you?

What’s your favourite? Raspberry, mango, passionfruit or blueberry. If these aren’t to your taste that’s fine, you can pitch to us why later!

Are you obsessed with media, technology, new ideas and why people say and do the things they do? So are we.

GroupM is the leading global media investment management company behind Mindshare, Wavemaker, MediaCom, [m]PLATFORM and Xaxis. We buy one in three ads globally. Each agency has its own brand positioning with a unique flavour, and GroupM powers it all.


What does a media agency do?

We think a media agency is a client’s most important business partner. Our role is central to the development of effective communications. We work with brands to understand how consumers use media, we have a passion for understanding evolving technology and emerging trends and are curious to know what makes people tick. You might think that our world is all about making ads, but it’s much more than that.   We thrive on innovation and ideas. We delve into data. We are experts in social media, obsessed with technology. We are great negotiators when it comes to ad buying and placements.  Our creative pitching process and strategy development makes us the leaders in media and innovation.


Let us introduce you to our diverse group of agencies…

Riding smooth, uniquely positioned is “Wavemaker” (Mango anyone)?

  • We are here to make waves with our clients, and we can only do that as a collective.
  • Our ambition is to be the most distinctive and admired media, content, and technology agency in the world. Our commitment to our clients is to be the “Future Makers’.
  • We demonstrate this in how we think, how we work and our relationship to technology and content to better serve their needs.
  • We are leading the way in re-inventing the role of a media agency in the digital age, embracing media planning and buying, but fit for the modern marketing requirements of seamlessly connecting media, content and technology.
  • We are Passionate, Agile, Collaborative, Entrepreneurial and Diverse (PACED). With PACED as our backdrop, we require our people to be self-starters, with high standards. If you love thinking about the future, then Wavemaker is for you.
  • We know great teams still have star players, and we expect everyone to bring their own uniqueness to the party and contribute their value with their own flair.

Visit us at https://wavemakerglobal.com/


Next up is the (rasp)berry nice “MediaCom”

As The Content + Connections Agency, we believe everything is connected and we operate as ‘One MediaCom’. This includes making sure our people have a connection to our purpose as a business. Our people are at the heart of delivering Content + Connections for our clients and to ensure their success, we have a very simple belief that runs through MediaCom: People First, Better Results.


By keeping our people at the heart of everything we do, investing in them and finding unique and innovative programmes to bring One MediaCom to life, we can ensure we’re building the best talent in the industry.

There are four behaviours we live by:

  • Do It: We brilliantly master the basics and we turn our challenges into solutions. We Do It with integrity, passion and commitment.
  • Push It: We use different lenses to gain a wider perspective. We think big and we Push it to create positive change.
  • Know It: We seek the opportunity to expand our thinking. We Know It because we ask the right questions and always have a thirst to learn more.
  • Share It: We give each other the confidence to speak up. We Share It to inspire the people around us to work as a team, improve ourselves and create awesome work.

Visit us at https://www.mediacom.com/au


Introducing our passion(fruit) for Mindshare

We call ourselves the “Purple people” and we believe Original Thinkers change the world. If you connect with that, you’ll love this environment!

Mindshare changed the industry when it became the first global media agency, launched in 1997.   We took a chance and launched in Asia as opposed to the UK or US; and we were the first start-up WPP ever invested in.  Original Thinking is in our DNA.

We have three company values that are our operating philosophies:

  • Be Team –  be willing to help, be a good collaborator and get involved to drive the culture of the agency outside of your day job.  Be open to opportunities bigger than your local market. We are global so make the most of it!  And, if you want to participate in ping pong, uno or mini golf tournament, make Mindshare your pick!
  • Be Provocative – have an informed POV, challenge the norm in the day-to-day, identify opportunities to do things differently.  Want to provide genuine insights for clients, then you could be part of our “Culture Cracks”, working with our publishers to build genuine insights and ideas for our clients
  • Be Speed – make decisions fast, keep things moving, perform tasks in a timely manner and be nimble and adaptive.

Check us out at www.mindshareworld.com


Nothing “Blue(berry) about our tech gurus [m]PLATFORM and Xaxis



We are the audience intelligence and activation solution of the group. We provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of an individual consumer, using the scale and richness of our data. Our technology runs real-time analysis to help plan media campaigns effectively.

However, we are more than just a tech platform working across 190 clients. Our expertise varies from platform experts who wrangle codes and manage integrations; analytics who dive into millions of rows of data to draw insights and trends; media trading experts who are knowledgeable in the advertising technology area; and product consultants who tie everything together to ensure our clients achieve their marketing goals.

As the technology and service team that underpins the agencies, we believe in:

  • Technology – Provide clients with the single most comprehensive view of consumers
  • Services – Build smarter consumer relationships at scale
  • Media – Make our supply intelligent, addressable, and accountable



We are GroupM’s dedicated programmatic arm. We use advanced artificial intelligence to programmatically buy media inventory that delivers better outcomes for our clients.

We have four company values in Australia:

  • Pioneer Change – push ourselves, our clients, and our industry forward with innovative thinking
  • Master our Craft – where innovative thinking meets great doing, we make sure we’re nothing short of experts in everything we do
  • Demonstrate Credibility – we know our business and our clients well, and demonstrate credibility through always delivering
  • Cheer our Team Spirit – we get behind each other and support a culture of togetherness in all things we do

Check us out at https://www.xaxis.com/


Why should you join us?

Here are 10 great reasons why being part of the M Grad Programme is the way for you to kick start your career after university:

  • It’s a full-time permanent role! We’re committed to you from day one, which gives you security.
  • You’ll get to dive straight into agency life, working within an agency team, directly with our clients. (The pressure is on from day one, but we’re sure you’ll love it!) 
  • We are a global company, and part of the biggest media and communications company in the world. That means the advantages of scale, security, and potential overseas opportunities down the track!
  • Our clients (although we can’t share who) are powerhouses in their own rights. All the brands you know are on our books!
  • Learning starts from day one. There are workshops, case studies, client visits, business leaders sharing their knowledge, and your chance to pitch an idea to us. If you’re from Melbourne and you’re successful – we will fly you to Sydney every fortnight for training for the first 3 months! (We care about your learning!)
  • We give you an opportunity to build your network not only with our business leaders but with your new graduate tribe. You’ll be part of a team of 20 grads working and learning together.
  • We connect you with a buddy to bounce ideas off with and show you the ropes; their main role will be to make sure you can find the free breakfast, snack alley, and fill your social calendar!
  • We’ll help you build your knowledge around the different facets of the industry and set yourself up for the rest of your career!
  • We’re committed to giving back to others with a range of social and charitable initiatives to get involved in.
  • Plus, there’s a ton of perks… read on!


Now for the perks

We pay an industry competitive salary, free breakfast, annual health checks, free financial advice, extra holidays, the list goes on.


For the energetic ones amongst us we offer discounted gym memberships, free yoga and the opportunity to play in our netball; touch football; soccer or basketball teams.


Our parties are the best in town, we get to leave early on five Fridays during Summer and have our birthdays off!


Every year all our staff come together and spend a day giving back to our local communities and we also have a payroll giving scheme so that you can help make a difference. How does that sound to you?


Enough about us and more about you.  Do you:

  • Have a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent
  • Think you are a collaborative worker
  • Have a high attention to detail
  • Learn fast and are you ready to embrace challenge
  • Like to have fun
  • Have Australian working rights (we don’t mind where you’re from, as long as you can work here)


Have a question? Or maybe you’re just dying to tell us what your favourite ice cream flavour is… Send us a message on Facebook or Twitter anytime at @MGradProgram, or email talent.australia@groupm.com. We’re here to help.



Key Dates

1st  May 2018: Applications Open

8th August 2018: Applications Close
6th  September 2018: Assessment Day for Finalists in Melbourne
13th  September 2018: Assessment Day for Finalists in Sydney
5th  October 2018: Successful applicants announced
4th February 2019: The M Grad Programme commences


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Up to 20 lucky graduates are selected for The M Grad Programme in January 2019