We are the original media thinkers. Our purpose is to provide clients with original thinking.

Thinking that reframes the role media plays in driving clients’ business growth. Thinking that is driven by data. Thinking that delivers meaningful connections with consumers. Thinking that is adaptive and creates behaviour change.

We have philosophies and frameworks to guide the way our people build and deliver their thinking.

Our philosophies may guide us but it’s the company values that produce the right culture to deliver original thinking. Our values govern how we behave as a group, how we engage our people with our purpose and how we nurture and develop them, making us one of BRW’s ‘Top 50 Places to Work in Australia’ 2014.

Be provocative – means having an informed POV. We challenge the norm in the day-to-day, identify opportunities to do things differently, we are inherently curious and passionate about the world around us.

Be team – means acting with integrity and achieving together. We treat people with respect; are willing to help out; collaborate well with different teams and respect our work environment.

Be quick – means being nimble and adaptive. We make decisions that utilise time efficiently, are quick to manage expectations, we keep things moving and perform tasks in a timely manner.

Be global – means having a global perspective. We look outside of Australia for inspiration, effectively use the Mindshare global network by seeking insights from other markets as well as sharing our work.

If these values resonate with you we would love to hear from you.



Sydney, Melbourne