Xaxis | Optimisation Executive

Overview of job

Xaxis is looking for a candidate for this role with a passion to develop experience in ad operations and optimisation expertise (data driven decision making and execution) in the programmatic advertising space.

The Optimisation Executive is expected to manage technical implementation of display campaigns, while providing assistance to their direct report, the Optimisation Manager in managing performance and pacing of those campaigns.

The Optimisation Executive will be responsible for the trafficking requirements of their assigned display campaigns as well as communicating performance achievements to agency clients.


Reporting of the role

This role reports to the Head of Optimisation VIC & SA.

3 best things about the job:

  1. Extensive training and development across all aspects of the business
  2. The ability to work in a fast paced ever changing role at the forefront of advertising
  3. Working within a strong culture focussed on collaboration, passion & initiative

Measures of success –

  • Ad Operations
    • Creation and implementation of site tracking pixels
    • Trafficking and QA of third-party ad tags
    • Campaign set up
    • Providing technical trafficking assistance for agency clients
  • Assisting the Optimisation Managers with campaign RFP Approval:
    • Audience data usage options
    • Provide input to assess Performance KPI Expectations
  • Campaign Optimisation
    • Make optimisations as briefed by and/or agreed with Optimisation Managers
    • Communicate optimisation to internal sales team & agencies
  • Campaign Delivery Monitoring
    • Daily analysis of campaigns
    • Proactive performance optimisations

In three months, you would have:

  • Successfully learnt how to setup campaigns in all our DSP’s
  • Learnt how to use internal business tools
  • Learnt how to use our DMP and analyse audiences
  • Learnt the entire tag process from agency to site tagging

In six months, you would have:

  • Learnt how to troubleshoot tagging challenges
  • Learnt moderate optimisation techniques
  • Learnt how to analyse large data sets to find actionable outcomes
  • Lead client campaign performance discussions with clear communication

In 12 months, you would have:

  • Learnt how to tag, model and report on live campaigns
  • Learnt advanced optimisation techniques for all KPI types
  • Excellent communication of complex data sets to simplify a campaign journey

Responsibilities of the role:

The optimisation team is principally concerned with providing these key services:

  1. Campaign Setup and Optimisation
  2. Campaign Approval
  3. Campaign Feedback


  1. Campaign Setup and Optimisation

The team ensures accurate technical implementation of all campaigns. It is the responsibility of the optimisation team to proactively request and implement all necessary trafficking and campaign tracking requirements for every campaign to perform as effectively as possible, and to ensure that we have the tools in place to provide accurate and detailed campaign reporting and feedback as appropriate.


The optimisation team are responsible for proactive and programmatic analysis of delivery data across channel and across delivery system to identify optimisation opportunities (optimising towards client objective).


Since the Optimisation group is charged with optimising cross system and cross channel the focus of the team is to first identify optimisation levers example (audience, temporal, frequency, target, geo, creative copy), understand what the consequence of those optimisation levers are, and having expertise in pulling those levers.


  1. Campaign Approval

The approval step is a crucial component since it allows for Optimisation to bring their expertise to bear and reduce the chance of Xaxis unwittingly “over-promising” and “under-delivering”; crucially it also allows the engagement team the freedom to skew their focus much closer to the client’s with the knowledge that the Optimisation team serves as an “objective sanity check”.


  1. Campaign Feedback

A vital function of the Optimisation team is to have to maintain regular communication with the Engagement team regarding campaign performance, in order to facilitate their own communication with our Agency clients. This exists in a number of forms:

  • Regular WIP meetings
  • Providing regular campaign commentary and reports.
  • Responding to ad-hoc campaign feedback requests

What you will need:

  • An understanding of digital advertising
  • Experience of a third-party ad-server such as MediaMind and DFA
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline (Marketing, media, Advertising, Mathematics, Physics, IT etc.)
  • Evidence of data-driven decision making and analysis
  • Solution focused  -  evidence of working through to a solution in a logical way
  • Demonstrable problem solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Ability to absorb and understand complex subject matter
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience with data-driven decision making and analysis

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July 24, 2017